Maighread Tobin – Common Thread


21st October 16th November 2021

Maighread Tobin, Bract, Oil and Acrylic on Gesso Panel, €4500, 121 diameter
Maighread Tobin, Sea Anemone, Oil on Gesso Panel, €850, 51x36
Maighread Tobin, Ready For Take Off, Oil on Gesso Panel, €850, 46x36
Maighread Tobin, Pilgrims, Oil on Gesso Panel, €650, 25x30
Maighread Tobin, Orange Bridge, Oil on Gesso Panel, €850, 36x51
Maighread Tobin, Succulents, Oil on Board, €3000, 90x90
Maighread Tobin, Five Cut Flowers, Mixed Media on Gesso Panel, €650, 31x26
Maighread Tobin, Pitchers II, Oil on Gesso Panel, €1000, 44.5x54.5
Maighread Tobin,Watercourse, Oil on Board, €2100, four panels of 30x30
Maighread Tobin, Partial Sea View, Oil on Board, €2100, 40x40 three panels
Maighread Tobin, Mottled I and II, Oil on Board, €3500, 61x46 Each Panel
Maighread Tobin, Scent Bottles I, Oil on Gesso Panel, €700, 28x35
Maighread Tobin, Headdress, Oil on Gesso Panel, €500, 26x22
Maighread Tobin, Tulip, Oil on Gesso Panel, €650, 30x25
Maighread Tobin, Double Stemmed, Chalk Pastel and Oil on Board, €1500, 54x60

In this new body of work created over the past two and a half years the paintings, while abstract in expression, are representative of an ongoing dialogue with the natural world. Recently I was lucky enough to spend a couple of months traveling in South America and the Galapagos Islands – much of the work comes from being immersed in the landscapes and gardens of these far flung places in addition to the quiet of my own garden at home and the countryside around me.


The work is allowed to develop slowly. I build up many layers of gesso and paint inscribing into the surface, stripping and sanding back in a repeated process to expose the underlying surface detail and pattern. My work as a sculptor has given me the confidence to construct and deconstruct in this way, and the resulting work often reveals a complex history both on and beneath the surface.


Opening Night – 21st October 5:00 to 7:00pm



For further information please contact or 0214277749