Fine Art & Craft Sales

Lavit Gallery stocks and exhibits a wide range of Irish contemporary fine art and craft at different price points. There are a number of ways to view and purchase artwork through the gallery:

  • Browse and/or Buy Art Online: All items currently in stock can be browsed and purchased on our website here: Items can also be purchased over the phone with credit card details and the purchased item can be collected, posted (An Post Registered Post) or shipped by courier (Mailboxes ETC). Customers often use the website to come up with a shortlist of options before coming to the gallery to see the artwork in person and make their choice.
  • Stockroom: In our stock room we store all the art and craft that is in stock but not on display in the main gallery. A selection of wall-based work is on display in the stockroom along with the majority of, if not all ceramics and sculpture in stock. The remaining wall-based work is stored in racks that are not suitable for customer browsing. We recommend that customers browse online and then ask us to pull out pieces of interest when you visit the gallery.
  • Exhibitions: Lavit Gallery schedules 10 exhibitions per year in its main gallery space in order to provide as many opportunities for artists as possible but also to present a large variety of artwork to our audience and customers in a number of different formats. Each exhibition is launched with an opening reception during which wine and refreshments are served. It customary that the Director of the gallery gives some opening remarks in addition to any guest speaker. The standard duration of an exhibition is 3.5 weeks with longer runs of 6-7 weeks being reserved for our two seasonal group shows in Winter and Summer. Our annual programme comprises of 4 programmed solo, two-person or small group shows showcasing emerging and established artists, in addition to 6 annual shows, namely the Student of the Year Exhibition (c. Jan), the Annual Members Exhibition (Feb), a neighbours group exhibition featuring Backwater Artists Group or Cork Printmakers on an alternating basis (c. May), the Summer Exhibition (Jul-Aug), the Graduate Group Exhibition (Sep) and the Winter Exhibition (Nov-Jan).
  • Gifts: Browsing our website, our current exhibition and our stock room is always recommended as a starting point but if you are looking for a gift within a certain price range or relating to a certain subject please let us know as we can help you arrive at a shortlist of suitable options. We regularly help customers select retirement gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts and gifts or anniversaries. If you contact us in advance by phone or email we can get back to you with suggestions.
  • Prizes and awards: If you are looking for singular artworks or craft pieces or multiples that might suitable to be given as a prize or award, we are here to help. We recommend getting in touch in good time
  • Consultations: A more involved consultation is possible if an appointment is made. A consultation can take up to 40 minutes but the service is most effective if we are furnished with as much information as possible in advance of the visit. Booked consultations are often useful for new homeowners who are looking at purchasing multiple artworks orsomeone starting either a private or corporate collection. No prior knowledge of art is necessary. For anyone new to buying art we provide an overview of some of the popular artists we stock as well as the variety of options in terms of style and price. Many new customers come to us not knowing what their taste is but after being shown a few options we can quickly establish some parameters and narrow down options. Sometimes knowing the background of an artist or their art can be a deciding factor as this completes a story that is not always evident in the artwork itself.
  • Commissions: Lavit Gallery is open to receiving requests for commissions and we will endeavor to pair customers with a suitable and willing artist. We are in contact with a large number of Cork-based and Irish artists specialising in landscapes and portraiture as well as more abstract work. Customers can often find an artist they like in stock but they may require a piece on a different scale. Corporate customers may require a suite of works by an artist they have already identified or need a recommendation based on a brief. In all these scenarios Lavit Gallery will take a reduced commission determined by the level of involvement needed in the process.



Lavit Gallery has ongoing working relationships with other not-for-profit, charitable organisations both inside and outside of the arts sector. These include numerous Cork arts organisations, second and third level schools and colleges, and a number of voluntary organisations.

  • Talks: As standard at least one event is scheduled for the majority of exhibitions in our programme. In addition to this we facilitate bespoke talks upon request once a slot is booked in advance. A donation is welcomed.
  • Tours: For some of our exhibitions in our programme a tour is provided in addition to or instead of a talk. We also facilitate bespoke tours upon request once a slot is booked in advance. A donation is welcomed.
  • Continued Professional Development: For a suitable fee our Gallery Director Brian Mac Domhnaill is available to deliver workshops and makes studio visits. These services are available upon request from studio groups and other types of art organisation. Workshops include:
    • Exhibition Making
    • Preparing for Proposals and Applications
    • Photography for Artists.


Venue Hire

Lavit Gallery is available for hire as a venue for a variety of events such as civil ceremonies, book launches, seminars, corporate networking events or presentations. This initiative is aimed at bringing in much needed supplementary revenue but also with the intention of reaching new audience and customers. For further details please visit: