Small Works

1st November – 1st December

Rebecca Bradley Frontier oil on birch panel 18.5x25.5
Eamonn Harris, Dreaming of Rainforest,Mixed media,from pen and ink drawing
Dorothy Ledwith View accross the Estuary oil on board
Dee Pieters Storm series II oil on canvas
Katherine Boucher Beug Little Drama Queen acrylic on paper
Dorothy Ledwit Industry on the Estuary oil on board
Maureen O' Connor Summer Glow, Skehil Acrylic & Ink
Tom Climent Diamant

Katherine Boucher Beug, Rebecca Bradley, Tom Climent, Eamonn Harris, Dorothy Ledwith, Maureen O’ Connor and Dee Pieters

For this exhibition, seven artists were invited to exhibit their paintings.  For the purposes of this show, the definition of small was set at approximately 30 x 30cm, so this is the maximum scale of all works that will be exhibited.  The artists will show 2-4 pieces each.

While scale is the common thread between these works, there also exists a great variety in their approaches.  Katherine Boucher Beug, well known for her use of colour will exhibit small still life paintings. Tom Climent also known for his colour, takes a more abstract approach while hinting at surreal landscapes with his structures.  Rebecca Bradley also toys with landscape and abstraction with her divisions of colour alluding to horizon lines.  Pattern and Colour are to the fore in the mixed media works of  Eamonn Harris.

The natural phenomenon of storms is explored through luscious paint in the work of Dee Pieters.  Water also features in  the subtle hued paintings of Dorothy Ledwith’s estuaries and riverbanks.    While mark making and gesture are key to the works of Maureen O’ Connor, which depict wild vegetation.

Small Works continues at Lavit Gallery, Wandesford Quay until  December 1st 2018.



Art & Coffee: Artist Talk

Join us 11 am Saturday 10th November for coffee and a chat with some artists in our current exhibition.