Arboreal Apertures | Peadar Lamb

23-26 October, 10.30am-6pm  

Opening reception Thursday 23 October 5.30-7.30pm

Peadar Lamb was commissioned by Cork County Council to create a series of stained glass works for Binn na gCléireach, a new social housing development in Kilnagleary, Carrigaline, County Cork. Each household will have a stained-glass piece and this will be located in an existing window. There are fifteen houses in total. Though each piece is unique, the work is compositionally connected. Each household becomes a custodian of their own artwork. The work Arboreal Apertures is based on native Irish trees. These new works were made between the artist’s studio and the National Sculpture Factory.  

An exhibit at Lavit Gallery, held over four days, will feature the workings behind the public art commission including process-based drawings and research as well as a documentary film on the creation of these works. 

Peadar Lamb is an artist working primarily in the medium of stained glass for over twenty years. Using hand-made glass, he employs a variety of techniques (some of which have changed little since the 11th century), such as acid etching, painting and staining, in novel ways to create contemporary unique pieces. His ultimate goal is for the finished work to retain the vibrancy and life of the creative process and transcend the technical aspects of stained glass as a medium. He has shown extensively in his native Ireland and internationally, and his work is in public and private collections in Europe, the Middle East, the USA and Japan.