Katherine Boucher Beug “Flowers: The Project”

24th June – 17th July

The Lavit Gallery was delighted to present a solo exhibition by Katherine Boucher Beug titled, “Flowers: The Project”.




Katherine Boucher Beug_In a Green Vase_acrylic on canvas_61x45.5cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_Zinnias in January_acrylic on paper_37x26.5cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_Mountain Bowl_acrylic on canvas_60x50cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_With Green Shadow_acrylic on paper_61x45cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_With Glass Bowl_acrylic on paper_60x50cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_Last Tulips.acrylic on canvas_60x50cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_Last Dahlia,acrylic on canvas_60x50cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_With Crow March 20_Acrylic on Canvas_90x115
Katherine Boucher Beug_One White One_acrylic on canvas_60x50cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_With Bird Shadow_acrylic on canvas_60x50cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_Dahlias with book_acrylic on paper_37x26.5cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_On a Pink Plate_acrylic on canvas_60x50cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_Early Calendula_acrylic on canvas_61x50cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_Tulip Zoot_Mixedmedia on canvas_152x114cm
Katherine Boucher Beug_BigBlue_acrylic oncanvas.60x50cm


Flowers: The project is a particular and unique exhibition. For the first time, the flower paintings, including some of the earliest ones and ones just completed, will be seen together with the sketchbooks, the ceramic vases made by the artist in conjunction with the paintings and “Flowers: The Book” published after Lockdown II.

The exhibition shows the working process, the behind the scenes work and the progression of ideas that changed during the course of the project.

Artist Statement:

These flower paintings have evolved over many years starting from my first drawings of daffodils when I moved to Ireland in 1971. Always a painter, I became a passionate gardener. The paintings here are portraits of my arrangements of flowers from my garden, most of which were grown from seed.

Even as I student, I admired the work of Morandi above all. His work taught me the importance of observation coupled with contemplation, infinite possibility in the every day; a bottle, a bunch of tulips.

About five years ago, I decided to tackle a particular ‘problem’ in my work as an artist. I realised that I was far more at home, practiced and through years of daily work more skilled at drawing than painting even though my special field of expertise was in colour and colour theory. Drawing was my realm, the instrument I was master of, but painting lagged behind. I needed to develop a more fluent, sensual use of paint. To remedy this problem, I decided to do a painting-a-day. The more I developed my relationship with paint, the more the paintings became an expression of my mood, influenced by the personal and by events outside of myself. This immersion in paint lead to the Flower Paintings.

I came to understand how important the containers for each arrangement had become and started imagining “just the right vase” for a particular bunch of flowers. The experience of working with clay in a ceramic studio in Kinsale added a new dimension to the project. Working with clay is even more direct, more physical than painting. My favourite Zinnia’s could now be ‘sobered up’ or given a circus like presence by making different containers for them. Once again, infinite possibilities.

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Art & Coffee Artist Talk

Katherine Boucher Beug in conversation with Dr Michael Waldron
Thursday 8th July
1:00 -2:00 pm

Thank you to all who came.


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