Here, Now by Una Sealy RHA

27th September – 27th October 2018

Una Sealy, Descendent, Oil on Canvas,40x50cm
Una Sealy, Leaving an island, oil on canvas
Una Sealy, Near Water, oil on canvas
Una Sealy, ping-pong after rain, oil on canvas
Una Sealy,Ancestor, oil on canvas
Una Sealy,Safety, oil on canvas
Una Sealy,What remains,oil on canvas
Una Sealy Teacup
Una Sealy Big Blue
Una Sealy Bring me to the blasted oak
Una Sealy Frank's Field
Una Sealy Into the Sea
Una Sealy, Island home
Una Sealy, Last tree on the coast road
Una Sealy Passing through
Una Sealy, Sentinel,
Una Sealy , Swings Near a Shore
Una Sealy, Wake,
Here Now - Installation

The Lavit Gallery presents ‘Here Now’. This exhibition of recent paintings by Una Sealy RHA., looks at people and places, and the effects they have on each other. Figures in the landscape feature, as well as interiors and the built environment. As ever, the artist is concerned with recording the here and now, and how we live today. Usually working directly from life, these pieces represent moments in time, as well as containing the idea of time passing and the present becoming history.


Exhibition Review by Cristín Leach: Click here



Art & Coffee

11.00am Friday 28th September 2018

Join us in the gallery for a cup of coffee and a chat with the artist Una Sealy