Desire Lines


Debbie Dawson & Helle Helsner

22nd September – 15th October


Image one, pre show, Desire Line
Image two, pre show, Desire Line
Image three, pre show, Desire Line


Lavit Gallery are delighted to present Desire Lines, a collaborative joint exhibition by Debbie Dawson and Helle Helsner, which deals with each artists individual response to the landscape.


Helle Helsner and Debbie Dawson are Cork based visual artists whose work is rooted in an exploration of the Irish landscape. Their work taken individually is accomplished and recognised in the areas of glass, casting, drawing, and painting. These intertwined subjects are approached through an associative use of narrative and a rich visual language.

Debbie and Helle’s rigorous and inventive practices continue to re-imagine formal approaches to Irish landscape as a repository of myth and memory, both personal and cultural. This exhibition proposal aims to develop and contextualise their ambitious, interdisciplinary practice within our current cultural moment, when narratives about belonging, identity and landscape are increasingly fraught and contested. Both Debbie and Helle’s practices are deeply considered and thought provoking, rooted in a deep engagement with place and the potentials of landscape as a metaphor for identity and belonging.

The intersubjective forces that guide in their respective practices are ones which strive for connection to viewers and are open and forthcoming to audiences. Their works complement each other’s  to unlock landscape from traditional modes; to look at the land through memory and affective structures, pointing toward future ways of being in the world.




Opening Reception

Thursday 22nd September


Artists Talk:




For further information please contact or 021 4277749