Deirdre Frost: Student of the Year


 11th Feb – 28th Feb


Welcome to the Lavit Gallery’s Student of the Year exhibition launch. We are delighted to present “Biophilia”, a series of new paintings, by artist Deirdre Frost. We are delighted to have Aideen Barry open the exhibition, virtually. We thank her for her beautiful opening remarks, which you can watch on the video below.



Deirdre Frost, Comhluadar, oil on panel,122cm x 91cm €935 shop


Deirdre Frost, Biophilia, oil on panel, 45cm x 122cm €550 shop


Deirdre Frost, Cúl an Ti, oil on panel, 122cm x 161cm €1250 shop

Cúl an Ti

Deirdre Frost, Toy-town, 120cm x120cm, oil on panel, €1020 shop


Deirdre Frost, Bioscience, oil on panel 122cm x 244cm , €2000 shop


Deirdre Frost, Heidegger_s House, oil on panel 120cm x 120cm €1020 shop

Heidegger’s House







Artist statement:

The title of this show – ‘Biophilia’, was coined by psychologist and philosopher, Erich Fromm, in the 1970’s. It refers to love of life, all that is alive, and biologist E.O. Wilson described it as a to a tendency of humans to focus on and to affiliate with nature and other life-forms. This body of work is an outcome of a sustained investigation into the physicality of being in an urban environment, and how nature and the natural world is perceived through this lens. By creating these paintings, I hope to set up a space for philosophical engagement, examining the interplay between man and environment and of our understanding of our role within this.

This body of work consists of oil paintings on clear-primed wood, and includes two diptychs and a triptych, which can be presented in multiple formats. This replicates the constant reforming of the urban landscape through a cycle of construction and dereliction, alongside the seasonal cycle of plant forms which grow opportunistically throughout this. It is also intended that the multiple formats of these pieces re-stage, for the viewer, the experience of moving through the city – approaching the same buildings and landscapes from different view points, and thus the experience being different each time.

Deirdre Frost.

Sponsored By: Roberts Nathan






Art & Coffee Artist Talk with Deirdre Frost

1.10pm Thursday 18th February

Online – Book here 


For further information or purchasing art work please contact or 021 4277749


Digital Catalogue is available here

Student of the Year Deirdre Frost Biophilia