Current Show

Cork Printmakers 30 

The Lavit Gallery, Wandesford Quay, Cork City

27 May – 19 June 2021

Evelyn Wilson-Boat-Collograph €175 26x38 2017
Danielle Neville_Summers at Pegs_Photopolymer & Monoprint €120 50x35 2020
Grainne Nagle Spectrum III_Screenprint €100 21x29.7 2019
Frieda_Meaney_Heads-Up!Chameleon_Digital Duratan €800 76x104 2017
Fiona Kelly Tenacity Lino Cut €70 21x27.9 2020
Michael O'Donovan_Abstract3_Monoprint on Japanese Paper €580 42x52 2019
Sean Hanrahan Over the Sun Woodblock on Canvas €2500 170x150 2015
Kim Roberts Trinity 1_Intaglio €375 35x35 2018
Evelyn Wilson_Bag_ Collograph €150 25.5x38 2017
Miriam Hurley_Faoin Uisce_Photo Etching_€350 70x50 2018
Cecilia D'Alessandro Venustas Etching Aquatintand Spitbite €80 36.5x50.5
Jackie Raftery_Innisfallen 1-3_ Lino Print €195 41x31 2020
Danny Osbourne_Foam from the Cow & Bull Rock_Etching €125 25x30 2020
Anita Geaney Ancient Land Etching €100 22x30 2020
Conall Cary Stateless I Multiple Plate Etching €900 112x76 2018
Frieda_Meaney Heads=-Up!Gorilla_Digital Duratan €800 76x104 2017
Frieda_Meaney Heads-Up!Turkey_Digital Duratan €800 76x104 2017
Sean Hanrahan Glitched Habitat_Slikscreen, Acrtlic and sprat-paint on canvas €775 61x61 2020
Kim Roberts Trinity 2_Intaglio €375 35x35 2018
Bríd Moynahan Doll's House Etching €650 56x46 2020
Aoife Barrett What use are you if not to be collected Relief Print €220 71x71 2019
David Lilburn_Cork Harbour- North - South_Drypoint, Chinecolle & Watercolour €480 62x80 2021
Sean McGuill_Overflow_Screenprint & Watercolour €285 50x70 2019
Frieda_Meaney Heads-Up!Human Digital Duratan €800 76x104 2017
Grainne Nagle Spectrum 1_Screenprint €100 21x29.7 2019
Paul La Rocque_Russell Means after Andy Warhol_Screenprint €600 100x70 2020
Danielle Neville Presentation of the Inside Screanprint €100 40.5x50 cm
Deirdre Breen_Bulge__ Jesmonite NFS 40x40x40 2020
Jackie Raftery_Lilly_Drypoint €55 16x14 2021
Inge Van Doorslaer_Remnant-CMYK Print €180 7x14.5 2019
Sandie Hicks_Empty Hearth, Kettle and Mirror_Collagraph €400 49x53 2020
Shane O'Driscoll_Bingo was his namo_Screenprint €280 40x40 2018
Sean McGuill_Secant_Screenprint €180 42x29.5 2020
Miriam Hurley_Innocence Photo Etching €350 79x54 2019
Fiona Kelly New Supports-Lino Cut €70 27.9x21 2020
Cecilia D'Alessandro Autumnus Etching Aquatint Drypiont Spitbite €100 39x56 2019
Peter_Nash They fought the dogs and killed the cats and bit the babies in their cradles_Etching €90 23.5x22.5 2020
Bríd Moynahan Playing Guns Etching €420 26x29 2020
Aoife Claffey 279 Screen Print €200 87.5x34 2020
Anita Geaney Deep Ravine Etching €100 21x28cm 2020
Deirdre Mc Kenna_Triúir ar an Dreoilín_Etching €180 37.5x27.5 2011
Lynn Marie Dennehy_Fragmented-Plate Lithography €125 28.5x23.5 2020
Paul McKenna_Window1_Screenprint €80 32.5x48 2020
Paul Mckenna 20 -29Grand Parade_Hand Tinted Screenprint €180 40x200.5 2016
Aoife Barrett It wasn't a law it was a reigning social invention Copper Etching & Aquatint€220 71x70 2019
Johnny_Bugler_Copra Palm_Pigment Print €550 148x84 2019
State of Print, Heir-Noonan_State of Print Cabinet Expanded Print, NFS, 180x91 2021
Cillian Moynahan You've got to go sometime Lithograph Size-TBC €180 2020
Michael O'Donovan_Abstract1_Monoprint on Japanese Paper €580 52x42 2019
Debbie Godsell_Meascán Mearaí_Mono Screanprint €745 70x50 2021
Sandie Hicks_Beams, Shadows, Reflections-Collograph €450 54x78 2020
Danny Osbourne_Dursey, when your dog did not bark_Etching €125 30x25 2020
Shane O'Driscoll Become the tiger_Screenprint €520 71x50 2020
Donna McNamara Seascape I_ Mono Screenprint €450 70x48.5 2021
Eileen Kennedy_Facing_Screenprint €300 50x40 2020
Frieda_Meaney Mat(t)er Screenprint & Monoprint €200 60x60 2017
Inge Van Doorslaer_Interior_CMYK Print €180 8.5x17 1029
Deirdre McKenna_Tine Chnámh_Etching €180 36.5x27.5 2016
Donna McNamara Seascape II_ Mono Screenprint €450 70x48.5 2021
Conall Cary_Stateless III Multiple Plate Etching €900 112x76 2018
David Lilburn_Cork Harbour- East - West_Drypoint, Chinecolle & Watercolour €480 62x80 2021
Paul La Rocque_Cowboy and Indian_Screenprint €600 90x70 2019



Cork Printmakers 30 is an exhibition of artwork by Cork Printmakers members at the Lavit Gallery, Wandesford Quay, Cork. In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the founding of Cork Printmakers, this exhibition showcases the diverse practices and approaches to contemporary printmaking by current members of Cork Printmakers.

With 100 members, Cork Printmakers artists work across traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques including lithography, etching, screenprint, relief print, as well as expanded print practice to incorporate video, installation and performance.

Established in 1991, Cork Printmakers is a professional print studio, gallery and resource organisation providing artists with facilities and equipment to create artwork through the medium of print. Located at Wandesford Quay in the heart of Cork City it supports and promotes the creation and development of new work through our studios, exhibitions, events and education programme, promoting the highest standards of practice in printmaking.

Through an ambitious programme of solo exhibitions and group shows, the Lavit Gallery promotes both emerging and established Irish and international artists, stimulating and challenging Cork audiences.



Image details: Install shot by John Beasley


For further information please contact or 021 4277749