Bridget Flannery, Solo Exhibition

20th Oct – 12th Nov

Image one pre show, bridget flannery

Lavit Gallery are delighted to present Bridget Flannery’s Solo Exhibition, which will see a selection of Bridget’s latest series of works.


Artist Statement:

My work as a painter expresses how I encounter and respond to the natural world, particularly the changing landscapes of shoreline, river bank and bog. These are shifting landscapes where water and land work with and against each other – building and erasing shape, colour and texture.

Such natural spaces are echoed in the spaces of sketchbook, paper and wood which in turn become areas of possibility for studio work through the making of paintings, collages and assemblages.

Shaping a space, shaping a surface. From the moment that sparks a reaction through to the resolved piece, it is the in-between states that interest me – the physical making of the work, the layering of paint and paper, colour and texture which make a shape, an edge, a surface, a plane of light, an unexpected tension. The ebb and flow of work.




Opening Reception

Thursday 20nd October


Artists Talk:




For further information please contact or 021 4277749