Claire Lee

Artist based in Cork, Ireland. Born in 1992 and graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Crawford College of Art and Design in 2015.  My interest in painting began with working on portraits for family and friends and has developed along with photography. Currently my work lies between representational painting of architecture and spaces and abstract structures.

The work explores a clash of uncoordinated orders reflecting a landscape that is in a state of flux. Informed by scientific theories and hypotheses, images of amorphous architectural structures and spaces imbued with a celestial quality, inquire into the interpretations of entropy. It is a depiction of the dynamics between contrasting aspects of sublimity and delicateness associated with construction and erasure.

My creative process begins with architectural photography and 3D modelling software- manually corrupting and glitching the file, drawing and redrawing, distorting and compressing the shapes in more chaotic compositions with each subsequent rendering. The entropic process of building up layers of technical drawing and paint contribute to the properties of decay and renewal represented in the landscape.