Angela Gilmour

As a visual artist with a background in physics I am interested in the intersection between art and science. For me observation and analysis are intrinsic to both. I am passionate about drawing as a form of observation but also have knowledge of scientific observational tools including: Electron Microscopy; Focused Ion Beam analysis; Stress Imaging Systems; Acoustic, Thermal and Electromagnetic Interface Scanners. It is this duality of experience that informs my art practice.
The work investigates how our perception of the world changes the more science decodes and formulates nature by researching the ways we observe and analyse the physical world. Commenting on the differences and commonalities between the two cultures, it references how the sciences value building on tradition with a systematic approach as opposed to the contemporary arts, which values a break from tradition. However, as a whole we have become increasingly reliant on technology to view our surroundings. I use various mediums to visualise my conclusions from painting, drawing as well as digital images and installation.