Tom Climent


Tom Climent A Fertile Land Oil, plaster & sand on canvas, 198x184 cm, €14,000 2021

Irish painter Tom Climent produces paintings of figurative, urban and landscape subjects. His most recent work tends to focus on the creation of a structured space, while investigating the boundaries between abstraction and representation.

These investigations are performed using paint. As traces of memories and feelings accumulate and overlap on the canvas, construction and deconstruction become active tools in the creation of his paintings.

Referencing landscape, various types of structures and natural phenomena, the compositions range from the visually complex to simple basic structures. His manipulation of the materials, scale and weight of these structures obscures their basic properties and any identifiable purpose.  It suggests a narrative but never actually revealing what that might be.

His work process is largely intuitive, the act of painting for him starts a process of discovering unintended connections and relationships, of searching for reason and meaning in the unique situation that emerges. The first marks and compositions create the environment for a process that requires him to constantly re-evaluate what’s important so he can find out what the painting will be.