The Lavit was originally set up by a group of artists wanting to promote an interest in art in 1963. Currently, the gallery shows the work of over 400 artists, introducing many new artists to Cork audiences.  It is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to promoting the work of local and national artists.

Current and upcoming shows

Michael Quane RHA Strange Beasts

Michael Quane Head Study Kilkenny Limestone 30x30x27cm
Michael Quane, Buoyed,marble, 56x46x29cm
Michael Quane Horse and Rider Marble44x33x22cm


Michael Quane RHA



17th September -17th October 2020



The Lavit Gallery is excited to present, solo exhibition from Michael Quane, Strange Beasts.


“With every move to a new place change occurs. It’s a different landscape with a different air. Different air that even moves differently. The sound appears to travel differently through it and it is filled with different sounds. The light is weighted through it to a different measure. The birds that sing in it, had their ancestors settle here ten thousand generations ago and continue their song here, clear and only distinctive to here. Even the pigeon morse coo is different, if you listen for it. Different moods dwell in it and ultimately the results from endeavour changes. It is my intention to allow for this change to solidify into my endeavours over these months coinciding as they do with the strangest phenomenon ever of being in an officially defined state of enforced isolation and distance from everyone else. That means everyone else in the world.”


For this exhibition, Strange Beasts, Michael Quane has chosen to surrender to this new place and time and to the possibilities that are presented by making new work here…

… and see what it is, that happens next.


The exhibition will show directly-carved figurative sculpture, in Irish Limestone and Italian Marble.


Direct carving is the process of carving, with chisel, the material directly, without reference to a model or a maquette. It allows for an unbridled creative input throughout the complete process. Step one is the loose flabby parameters of boulder and idea with all its infinite possibilities and the final step is, all that remains; the result of a myriad of choices and decisions: the chosen finite. It is a process, of the will and the meanings that it attaches, guided by the subtlest of gravitational tugs that the complexity of environment can muster.




Meet the Artist

Michael Quane will join us in the gallery for you to meet and discuss his current exhibition ‘Strange Beasts’


Thursdays 4.30pm – 6.00pm

24th September, 1st October, 8th October and 15th October


Fridays 11.30am – 1.30pm

25th September, 2nd Otober, 9th October and 16th October.


While booking is not necessary, please let us know which day you are interested in attending so we can manage attendance in line with restrictions and guidelines.


For further information contact


Previous events:

Culture Night

Friday 18th September


Meet the Artist, join us in the Gallery and meet artist Michael Quane and visit his new solo exhibition ‘Strange Beasts’

No booking required, however capacity may be restricted on the night.


Artist Talk

Saturday 19th September


Free event booking required. Join us in conversation with Michael Quane, as we discuss his current solo exhibition ‘Strange Beasts’.

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Tim Goulding MUSIC

Tim Goulding, Dance, 122 x 150cms, acrylic on canvas
Tim Goulding, Blue Rondo, Acrylic on Canvas


Tim Goulding


22nd October – 21st November

Tim Goulding tends to work in series, often spending three or four years on one subject. These collections may be radically different in both style and content but always stay true to a response to what appears in his life both visually and emotionally. The modus operandi remains ‘see and play’

The Lavit Gallery is delighted to present a solo exhibition of new work by Goulding from his latest series Music.

The idea of staves forms the basic structure for this series of paintings. Then the backing singers make their entrance against the orchestration which is indicated in the form of the lighter coloured compartments. The soloists arrive singing their lead notes, these are the solid colours. In the case of ‘Counterpoint 3’, acrylic on canvas 91 x 122 cms, there are five soloists: two greens, a ruby red, a grey and a cream. The rhythm is indicated by the spaces or rests. The eye travels around the ‘notes’ suggesting movement.

The palette was inspired by the hillside colours in Spring and also by burnt toast

These are of course very theoretical musings as the principal impetus is to make a satisfactory painting and explore new pastures, one leading to another.

“I feel that this series takes a bow to the abstract painters of the early 20th century. Hello Klee, Miro, Mondrian and the Futurists. I will quote Juan Miro ‘I try to apply colours like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music ‘. I follow the progress of the work with much the same unknowing as the viewer might.” Tim Goulding -April 2020

Born in Dublin in 1945, Tim Goulding has lived and worked near Allihies on the Beara peninsula, West Cork since 1969. He is a member of AOSDANA (Aosdana was established in 1981 to honour those artists whose work has made an outstanding contribution to the arts in Ireland.) Since 1964 he has exhibited extensively, including solo and group shows in Ireland, England, Portugal and the USA. This website archives an artistic journey of over fifty years.

Exhibition runs 22nd October – 21st November 2020



Artist Talk