The Lavit was originally set up by a group of artists wanting to promote an interest in art in 1963. Currently, the gallery shows the work of over 400 artists, introducing many new artists to Cork audiences.  It is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to promoting the work of local and national artists.

Current and upcoming shows

“Further Shores” by Tom Climent

22nd April – 22nd May

(open to the public on the 11th May)

The Lavit Gallery is delighted to present a solo exhibition of new works by Tom Climent, “Further Shores”.



Tom Climent Whorl Oil & Plaster on Canvas 122 x 122 cm €6500
Tom Climent Miskish, Oil, plaster & sand on board, 61x46 cm, €2300 2021
Tom Climent Sun Gilden, Oil & plaster on canvas, 60x60 cm, €2600 2021
Tom Climent, Sea Lough Oil, plaster & sand on board, 61x46 cm, €2300 2021
Tom Climent Mind's Eye  Oil, plaster & sand on board, 45x30 cm, €1450 2021
Tom Climent A Fertile Land Oil, plaster & sand on canvas, 198x184 cm, €14,000 2021
Tree of Gifts Oil & plaster on canvas, 138x122 cm, €7000
Tom Climent Sighting, Oil & plaster on canvas, 60x60 cm, €2600 2021
Tom Climent Mountain of Light Oil, plaster & sand on board, 42x42 cm, €1600 2021
Tom Climent Light Buoy Oil & plaster on board, 91x61 cm, €3600 2021
Tom Climent Germinator Oil & plaster on canvas, 51x51 cm, €2200 2021
Tom Climent Quicken Tree Oil, plaster & sand on canvas, 184x184 cm, €13,000 2021


Tom Climent’s new exhibition Further Shores is a continuation of his exploration of both real and imaginary worlds. This new body of work invites the viewer to journey to a place that is just out of reach. 

It offers a glimpse into ideas of transformation and change and invites magic to be the catalyst of this transition. It touches on aspects of growth, rejuvenation and hope.

The works themselves are brightly coloured and highly textured, existing on the borderline between abstraction and representation.


Tom Climent “Further Shores” catalogue



Art & Coffee

Artist Talk with Tom Climent


1pm Thursday

13th May 2021

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For further information please contact or 021 4277749

Although we are closed during lockdown we are still dedicated to bringing you exhibitions that are displayed through the front of our gallery or alternatively you can view both new and previous exhibitions online here. All works will be available to purchase online or by contacting the gallery.