Border(Less) Helle Helsner, Debbie Dawson, Susanne Pedersen & Christella Bamford

Susanne Pedersen, Efterladte billeder, mixed media
Helle Helsner, the wait, bronze on London plane base web
Dawson_Debbie, Iterations of a Fractured Landscape, painted, stained and sandblasted float glass
Christella Bamford, Untitled Vessel, ceramic


Helle Helsner, Debbie Dawson, Susanne Pedersen & Christella Bamford



New date to be announced soon


The Lavit Gallery is delighted to present Border(less), a group exhibition of work by Irish and Danish artists, working across painting, sculpture, glass and ceramic.

Helle Helsner is a Danish artist living and working in West Cork. 2020 marks the year where she will have lived equal parts of her life in her native Denmark and her adopted Ireland.

Through meetings and later a friendship was formed between Helsner and artist Christella Bamford, leading to collaborations cross borders and introductions to other contemporary artists in Denmark. Eventually, the idea of a joint exhibition in Ireland and in Denmark started taking hold and with Helsner’s ‘half-life milestone’, the exhibition Border(less) came about.

Border(less) is an exhibition by four female artists – two from each country – and here Helsner counts herself as on the Irish ‘side’, Christella Bamford, Susanne Pedersen, Denmark and Debbie Dawson, Helle Helsner, Ireland. All four artists have strong connection to material and materiality, to nature, to inner and external layers, and have a flourishing contemporary art practise – nationally and internationally.

Christella Bamford and Susanne Pedersen will be showing, respectively, ceramics and painting/photography, Debbie Dawson, will be exhibiting with glass/paintings, and Helle Helsner will be showing sculpture/drawing. Border(less) is not only showcasing the best of contemporary Irish and Danish art, it is also a celebration of diversity and multicultural relationships across borders.