March 24th - April 11th

The walls will be bare upstairs at the Lavit Gallery from March 24th - but the space will be filled with great art, as three dimensional pieces take centre stage! In an exciting exhibition of sculptural works, Cormac Boydell, Anna Campbell, Leo Higgins, Sonja Landweer, Fidelma Massey, Michael Quane, Martha Quinn and Killian Schurmann will all participate.

Both Michael Quane and Martha Quinn choose to work in stone. Cork Sculptor, Quane's figures emerge from a bed of marble in his " Gravity Sleeper" pieces with the solid nature of the stone clearly on show. While the movement in Quane's work almost defies the nature of stone, Quinn's pieces almost defy the material in their use of clean geometric lines. Taking nature as her inspiration, this will be Sligo based, Quinn's first time showing at the Lavit.

Colour plays an integral part in the work of Cormac Boydell and Killian Schurmann. Schurmann's 3D hot sculpted glass pieces are most like paintings - transparent abstract landscapes and details from nature. Allihies based, Boydell employs the use of clay and glazes in his rugged works inspired by beasts and forces of nature such as fire. Clay is used in a different manor by Sonja Landweer, with the focus less on the material and more on the form. Landweer will also exhibit some of her bronzes, again focusing on pure form.

Leo Higgins, Anna Campbell and Fidelma Massey will also be exhibiting works in bronze. Higgins a director of CAST foundry in Dublin, will focus on trees as his subject matter, while his colleague Campbell chooses animal life as her subject, with both showing their expertise with the use of bronze. Massey chooses a more mythical inspiration in her works and there is always the sense of a narrative and humour in her works.

All of the pieces on exhibit, will be domestic in scale. A preview of the exhibition will take place on Tuesday March 24th from 5.00 - 7.00, with the exhibition continuing until April 11th.

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           Micheal Quane 

The Lavit Craft Collection and 

Selected Paintings 


Siobhain Steele                                    Neil McGrath

Hilary Hale                                                Kate Standen

Joanna Kempen                                                 David Jenkins




                         Kira O' Brien                         Kira O' Brien



 Erich Fichtner                                                     KaroArt



Here at the Lavit we have a strong focus on quality Irish craft. You will find ceramics from crafts people such as Alan Boyle, Caroline Dolan, Sonja Gunther, Andrew Ludick, Brid Lyons, Neil McGrath,  Sara Roberts, Mandy Parslow and  Julian Smith. Beautiful works in   wood taking with Brendan Hoggs work taking the shape of bowls, honey dippers and bowls by Hilary Hale and wine stoppers by Matt Jones. Not to mention glass work by Kathryna Cushiere and Maura Whelan. Work will also be included by Sinead Fagan, Kira O'Brien, Eileen Singleton, Lesley Stothers, and many many more.
Also on display is a varied selection of paintings from our stock of talented artists. You can view fine examples of contemporary fine art from artists such as Ross Stewart, Horace Lysaght, Dee Pieters, Patrick Cashin, Joanna Kempen Mairead Geary, Eadaoin Harding Kemp, David Jenkins, John O'Connor, Susan O'Regan, Jules Thomas and Peter Wolstenholme among others.



Gift Vouchers available

With so much beautiful craft, paintings, sculpture and print on display it can be hard to choose a piece. Gift Vouchers are on sale here in the gallery and make an excellent gift!



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