Current and upcoming shows

Student of the Year Show

6th – 24th February 2018

Stephen Doyle: Alt Masc

We are delighted to present our current student of the year, recent CIT-CCAD graduate, Stephen Doyle with his first solo exhibition Alt Masc.

Alt Masc discusses the place of queer attributes within male culture. The work challenges society’s perception of the male role. Young men are inured to keep emotions out. The idea of adopting effeminate traits is perceived as a weakness and there is no place for weakness if one aspires to be a ‘real man’. This exhibition is a display of the plurality of masculinities rather than the singular portrayal of hypermasculinity we have become accustomed to. It is a closer examination of societal pressures, to conform to outdated ideals.

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Annual Members’ Exhibition ’18

6th – 24th March

A reception for the annual Cork Arts Society’s 55th Annual Members’ Exhibition will take place on Tuesday 6th March, from 5 – 7pm, with the chairperson of Cork Arts Society and The Lavit Gallery, Joe Burns, giving an address on the night. The exhibition will continue until 24th March.

Sonia Caldwell,

Sonia Caldwell

Sonia Caldwell, "Trid na Cuachair ( through the rushes)" Limestone,...

Sile Kelly,

Sile Kelly

Sile Kelly, "House in Ballycotton" Acrylic, 41 x 30.5cm



Jim, "A b is like a six II"

Lilli Wunderlich,

Lilli Wunderlich

Lilli Wunderlich, "Hummingbird" Silk Painting, 40 x 40cm, €210

Helle Helsner

Helle Helsner

Helle Helsner

Helena Korpela,

Helena Korpela

Helena Korpela, "Housing Plan" Oil on Canvas, 40 x 40cm

Helen O' Keefe,

Helen O’ Keefe

Helen O' Keefe, "Neighbours" Long Island, Oil on Canvas, 49...

Donal Anderson,

Donal Anderson

Donal Anderson, "Down West" Oil on Canvas, 87 x 68cm

Eoin Cassidy,

Eoin Cassidy

Eoin Cassidy, "Winter Sun, Garryvoe" Acrylic, 100 x 70cm.

Deirdre O' Donnell,

Deirdre O’ Donnell

Deirdre O' Donnell, "Turquoise Jar with Daffodils" Acrylic on Board,...

Anne Hassett,

Anne Hassett

Anne Hassett, "A sunny Spot" Oil On Canvas 44 x...

Deirdre Frost,

Deirdre Frost

Deirdre Frost, "An Gaortha" Acrylic, 30 x 40cm

Amanda Lynch,

Amanda Lynch

Amanda Lynch, "Block" Oil on Canvas, 50 x 40cm, €350

Artists in this year’s exhibition:

Anastasia O’Donoghue-Healy, Andrew Carroll, Angela Gilmour, Anna Barden, Anne A. Bologna, Anne Hassett, Anne Marie Stanley, Anne Patrick, Anne Quirke Cahill, Anneli Moffat, Barbara Reen, Barry Dawkes, Bridget Ryan, Carmela Brennan, Catherine McSweeney, Catherine Weld, Charity Ewamiekhobore, Clare Bradshaw, Con Kelleher, Con Scanlon, Damaris Lysaght, Dee Pieters, Deirdre Anderson, Deirdre Frost, Deirdre O’Donnell, Denis Keenan, Des Heffernan, Donal Anderson, Eamonn A. Harris, Edward Quinn, Elizabeth Scannell, Eoin Cassidy, Evelyn Goold, Frank McGee, Helen O’Keefe, Helena Korpela, Helle Helsner, Inge Nieuwstraten, Jill Cotter, Jim, Joanna Kempen, John Mangan, Josef Keys, Jules Thomas, Julie Kelleher, Katherine Griffiths, Kathryn Kneefer, Lilli Wunderlich, Lone Beiter, Maeve McManamon, Margaret Mohally, Margaret O’ Sullivan, Maria Dowling, Mark Hathaway, Martina Quigley, Mary Gough, Mary O’Sullivan, Maura Connolly, Maureen O’ Connor, May Reardon, Michael O’Muirthile, Niall McCarthy, Niall O’ Neill, Patsy Atkinson, Paul Mulvany, Raphael Llewellyn, Sile Kelly, Sonia Caldwell, Susan Keys, Tom Weld, W. J. Ryan, William Harrington

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