Artists' Choice

 April 16th - May 6th


The Lavit gallery celebrated it's 50th anniversary last year with many of Ireland's top artist's showing in it's programme.  For this exhibition - Artists' Choice, the gallery looks forward with the help of some of these artists.  A selection of 5 artists who featured in  last year's programme have been invited back to show, while also  asking them to select a younger/ less established artist to exhibit alongside them. 

The selecting artists are Robert Ballagh, Tom Climent, Martin Gale, James English and Arthur Maderson  and their choices  are the artists Rachel Ballagh, Hugh Delap, Louise Neiland, Michelle Considine and Meadhbh O' Donoghue.  The selectors will exhibit one piece each, while those they have selected have been invited to show 3 pieces each.

 The selectors' style  will be instantly recognisable for many,  - a painting of "The Volunteers" by Ballagh, the realism of Gale's Floodland, the colour of Climent, the soft haze of English's  September Moon and the impressionist style of Maderson's river scene.  While enjoying the known quality of these artist's work, this is also a chance to be introduced to some newer names. 

Ballycotton based Rachel Ballagh has been selected by her father Robert Ballagh and will exhibit drawings which "capture a sense of ordered chaos, where nature wraps around itself and engulfs all, on its very determined pathway." A strong sense of drawing can also be seen in the large landscape work of Dublin based artist Michelle Considine, who is fascinated by the power of nature. Considine has been selected for this exhibition by James English.  Hugh Delap's work demonstrates a playfulness of colour and shape and has been chosen by Tom Climent.  A graduate of the Crawford College, Delap won the Craig Hennessy award at the RHA in 2011.  

Louise Neiland's atmospheric landscape paintings have been selected by Martin Gale.  Neiland had her first solo exhibition at the Taylor Galleries, in 2013, the gallery by which Gale is also represented.  Arthur Maderson has chosen  to give Maedhbh O' Donoghue the opportunity to show in this exhibition. O' Donoghue is our youngest exhibitor being still a secondary school student, and she will exhibit both painting and drawing, in this, her first gallery exhibition. 

Arthur Maderson                                         Martin Gale

Michelle Considine                                           Louise Neiland


The Lavit Craft Collection and 

Selected Paintings 


Caroline Dolan                                                  Ellen Horan


Hilary Hale                                                Kate Standen

 Elayne O' Connor                                                     David Jenkins

Jules Thomas                                                          Levente Magyar

 Kira O' Brien                         Kira O' Brien

Here at the Lavit we have a strong focus on quality Irish craft. You will find ceramics from crafts people such as Alan Boyle, Caroline Dolan, Sonja Gunther, Andrew Ludick, Brid Lyons, Neil McGrath, Marcus O'Mahony, Sara Roberts, Mandy Parslow and  Julian Smith. Beautiful works in Brendan Hogg and Kieran Higgins'  wood taking the shape of bowls, honey dippers by Hilary Hale and wine stoppers by Matt Jones. Not to mention glass work by Kathryna Cushiere and Maura Whelan. Work will also be included by Sinead Fagan, Kira O'Brien, Eileen Singleton, Lesley Stothers, and many many more.
Also on display is a varied selection of paintings from our stock of talented artists. You can view fine examples of contemporary fine art from artists such as Ross Stewart, Horace Lysaght, Dee Pieters, Patrick Cashin,  Mairead Geary, Eadaoin Harding Kemp, David Jenkins, John O'Connor, Susan O'Regan, Jules Thomas, Andre Van Schaijk among others.



Gift Vouchers available

With so much beautiful craft, paintings, sculpture and print on display it can be hard to choose a piece. Gift Vouchers are on sale here in the gallery and make an excellent gift!



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